Monday, May 10, 2010

I am a Cougar, proud and true.

My elementary school's mascot was the Cougar. Did you think I dated second graders, or something? I actually didn't date anyone. Although, our class was in the practice of "going around" with each other and I did kiss a boy in the classroom - but I think it was on a dare. My fifth grade existence was was as innocent as it gets. I didn't think there was anything particularly wonderful or horrible about ten year old Me. Imagine my surprise, when my children begged to read my fifth grade journals over and over out loud. Let me explain that I didn't even know that these journals existed, because I didn't think my parents cared enough about me to keep anything from my childhood. I guess they did care, because a couple of months ago they began bringing down boxes from the attic. Among my old things, we found:

  • A polaroid shot of me with a cardboard cutout of Don Johnson (I paid $7 for it, I remember)
  • A Mad Magazine circa 1973 (never mind that I was born in '75)
  • A US Army issue English to French pocket sized translation book, from World War II
  • The black tooth wax that I got for my wicked witch costume - from Halloween of 1985
  • A stack of journals in my childhood voice

When I read these journals, I am either laughing or cringing. Mostly cringing. My spelling and grammar are terrible, my handwriting nearly illegible and my thoughts completely juvenile. I guess that's why my children love them.

For some bizarre reason (probably that good old narcissism which comes with having a degree in Theater), I feel compelled to share my ten year old self with you. What better place to start than with the first page:

September 3, 1985

Today is the first day of school. It is fun. Mr. K is my teacher. I just moved in. I met new friends and I like it. I wish I was at my old house with my old friends, but I’m happy I’m here.

I didn’t get to go on vacation because we were buzy moving.

The worst thing I ever ate was frog’s legs. We went to our friends house and my mom said we were going to eat chiken. But I sat at the dinner table eating tons of frogs legs! A few years later I learned they were frog legs. I couldn’t belive it! I don’t like frog’s legs! I thought it was gross when my mom told me. I don’t even think she ate any! I sure hope I never eat them again. Some people like them but I sure don’t! Chiken isn’t bad but frog’s legs! Gee wiz! They taste like chiken when you think they’re chiken though. People can realy be convinsed can’t they (at least I was)? People (my friends) gross out when I tell them I ate frogs legs.

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  1. Hahaha! That's great about your parents saving some (odds and ends) things of yours PLUS your journals. I have one from 8th grade and it is misery in penciled cursive. Haha!


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